Mason Jar Pencil Holders
August 24, 2016

Mason Jar Pencil Holders

By admin

If you are working at home or in an office then you will certainly need a place where you can keep all of your stationary. This may seem a very small thing but it has great importance, having your stationary in front of you is very important because it can get really frustrating when you are unable to find it. Making mason jar pencil holders is one of the easiest things that you can make and here you will learn a few things that you should know about making these holders.

As it was mentioned earlier, making pencil holders is very simple, this is because not many things are required to do it and it can be made in very less time. The only things that you need in order to make such a holder is a mason jar, decorative items and paint. All you need to do is take the mason jar and paint it in your favorite color, if you like to keep things simple then you can leave the jar as it is. However, it can be further decorated with beads, mirrors and pieces of strings.

Making mason jar pencil holders is a fun thing to do and you can make almost 2 to 3 jars in an hour. It is cheap and most of the items needed are already available in your house. These were some things that you should know about mason jar pencil holders. If you are into such projects then you can find many more online. Some of these projects are simple and easy to make while others are not. However, if you have the will to make things out of mason jars then you will certainly enjoy making all of these projects. Mason jars are very easily available therefore you can easily make things out of it.