Easy DIY Sea Shell Projects
August 24, 2016

Easy DIY Sea Shell Projects

By admin

Whenever you go to the beach you can easily find many sea shells lying around that are waiting to be picked up. Some sea shells are extremely beautiful while others are not, some people like to collect sea shells and if you are one of those people then here you will find some easy DIY sea shell project which can allow you to make beautiful things.

Making decorative items is a great and creative activity and sea shells can be used for this purpose. The easiest thing that you can do with sea shells is glue them on a hard surface and frame them. These frames look very beautiful and will decorate any wall where you hang them.

Sea shells also act as beautiful lamps, however for this you will need shells of a specific shape. This is because if you are making a lamp then you will need oil and if the sea shell is not deep enough then the lamp will not light and the oils will pour out. If you manage to find a deep shell then the lamp you make will be extremely beautiful. This is one of the best DIY sea shell project that you can find.

Sea shells can also be used as flower pots, for this again you need a deep shell so that the plant is able to dig it roots in it. Plants that you keep in the shells will be small and can be kept anywhere in the house, therefore make great decorative pieces.

These were a few easy DIY sea shell projects that you should make, there are many more projects that you can find. If you like this idea then you should probably start making things using sea shells as it is a fun activity.