DIY Painted Mugs, A Beautiful Way Of Personalizing
August 24, 2016

DIY Painted Mugs, A Beautiful Way Of Personalizing

By admin

A simple fun way is to diy painted mugs. This is a way of personalizing the mugs and making it your own project. The materials required are very few such as Porcelain paint 4 shades, rubbing alcohol, 1” foam brush and metallic rimmed mugs.


  • Remove stickers, if any, from the mug and wash with water and soap thoroughly. Wipe using a clean paper towel and rub alcohol to eliminate any soap residue, thereby air dry it.
  • Using a foam brush, squeeze acrylic enamel paint in one edge. If required, use painter’s palette, squeeze paint in small pools and use the brush to glide over the cup easily.
  • Be creative; paint your mug with bold strokes. Wash the brush with water and switch on to other colors, allow it to blend.
  • Leave a gap of ¾” between the mug rim and painting edge. This is important so that beverages and food is not in contact with the paint.
  • Once you feel happy with the diy painted mugs, let it dry for an hour or so. The paint should air dry completely.
  • Place the mug in an oven-safe pan or a baking tray. Turn the oven, set it to 325°F. You need not preheat the oven as preheat causes the mug to crack immediately as you place it inside because of sudden temperature change.
  • On the oven reaching 325°F temperature, you may leave it for 45 more minutes and turn off the oven, with the mug inside. Give enough time for the oven to cool and then remove your mug. Now place the mug in a safe corner for 3 days before washing or using it.
  • Only then, your diy painted mugs are dishwasher safe.

Once done with mugs, try your hand on canisters as well.