DIY Map Crafts And Ideas
August 24, 2016

DIY Map Crafts And Ideas

By admin

Who knew that old maps could be used to decorate places and turns out that they look extremely beautiful and unique. If you have a few maps lying around and are planning to throw it away then don’t because you can use these maps in various ways. Here you will find a few ways with which you can use maps to decorate a room.

First of all, if you have more than a few maps lying around, you can paste them on the wall of your bedroom and create beautiful wall art. Even if you don’t have old maps, you can easily buy them from stores as they are not at all very expensive. At first you may think that it will look weird but believe me that you will be satisfied with the final result.

You can also use pull down maps, these types of maps are usually very large and will go great with a vintage theme. Believe it or not, once you have completely decorate the room, the map will surely standout and compliment everything else that is in the room.

DIY Map crafts can also be used to cover travel journals, this is a great idea to go with as travel journals are usually about traveling the world and what better way to decorate it than with a world map. Maps can also be used in trays, as it will look like vintage tray. Remember to cover the map with a piece of plastic because you would not want the map to get dirty.

These were a few DIY map crafts and ideas that you should know. DIY map craft is very easy and if you are into all this then you will certainly have a lot of fun. It is a unique way of decorating things therefore you should try it.