DIY Letter Boxes For Your Home
August 24, 2016

DIY Letter Boxes For Your Home

By admin

Letter boxes look like things of the past, but the truth is that they are still used. Some people like a lot of personalization and if you are one of those people then your mail box will be the right place to start. The last time you walked to a post office was probably many years ago because “snail-mail” is not used very often, however it is a good way to teach people the concept and value of communication. Building DIY letter boxes for your home is not very hard. Here you will find some things that you should know about DIY letter boxes.

First and foremost, a DIY letter box can offer a great amount of personalization, you can easily design the mail box in your own way and color it with any color. The average time that is needed to build a DIY letter box is around 35 to 40 minutes. The only things that you need to make a DIY letter box are sticky glue, a rectangular card board box or a shoe box, scissors, brown table, box cutter, paint and a paint brush.

If you have all of these things then you can start building your own letter box. The first thing you need to do is table all the open ends of the box firmly. You then need to use a cutting tool to cut out a rectangular shape in the middle. The next step is simple, you just need to paint your cardboard in your favorite color or wrap it with a colored sheet.

Now all you need is to cut a back door on the letter box and paste your name on the front and there you have it. These were some things that you should know about building DIY letter boxes for your home.