DIY Bracelets, An Ideal And Interesting Pastime
August 24, 2016

DIY Bracelets, An Ideal And Interesting Pastime

By admin

Diy bracelets are mostly a summer vacation favorite pastime of many college girls. They love the delicate bracelets in braided style and have natural textures. These bracelets feature a sliding knot closure that is adjustable making it ideal to mix with everyday stack. Having simple braiding skills help in churning bracelets for your friends. You can have endless design combinations of diy bracelets if you have the required list of gold plated brass beads and colorful waxed cords.

Materials required

  • Waxed cord of 1.5 yards, in 4 colors
  • 15 round gold plated brass beads
  • 15 mini star gold plated brass beads
  • 3 spike charms gold plated
  • Glue or lighter
  • Scissors
  • Clipboard or tape


  • Divide into half the waxed- cord and cut. Fold one cut piece into two half pieces. Gather the two sides and tie into a knot.
  • Make sure to leave extra inch of the loop. Leave 3 strands equally and snip off the fourth strand at the knots bottom.
  • Tape onto a flat surface the loop. Start braiding the strands and begin beads braiding after an inch. On the outer right strand, thread a bead and push the bead, over the right strand in the middle.
  • On the outer left strand, thread another bead. Push it to the braid base and crossover.
  • Keep one finger at the braid base; hold the beads such that it is tight. Pursue the beads threading prior to each working strand is over.
  • Normally, continue braiding, after adding few beads.
  • Measure your wrist and stop braiding accordingly. Thread the bracelet end through the loop.
  • Fold the cord back, make a sliding knot, create a zigzag, and over the zigzag, bend another inch and create a backward S.
  • Tighten the bracelet and snip away excess cord, burn the ends carefully to seal, your diy bracelets are ready.