DIY Birdbath Projects, Favor Your Feathered Friends
August 24, 2016

DIY Birdbath Projects, Favor Your Feathered Friends

By admin

Your garden is an integral part of your home and with the summer sun nearing it is time to see new life breathing into your yard if you have bird bath ideas. If you are really interested in creating using recycle materials or even some scratch materials that you have, your feathered friends are sure to love it. Try few diy birdbath projects.

Different diy birdbath projects

Mosaic tile: This is the easiest diy birdbath projects. You can upcycle old DVDs or CDS and make a bird bath. It will look fascinating and suit any garden.

Sink: Use an old sink and create a bird bath for your feathered friends. They are sure to love the sink and it will add charm to your space outside.

Garden Planter: This is also a very simple diy birdbath projects. Take the garden planter and topsy turvy it. This planter looks beautiful on adding your favorite flowers and colorful flowers. You can see different birds flocking this place.

Free standing: Use an IKEA candle plate in association with few wooden dowels. This is an ideal addition to the exteriors as it is easy and cheap to make, besides looks lovely. It gives the birds a free-standing bird bath. Hanging this bird bath from a tree ensures bird’s dot your garden area.

Homemade Water Fountain: Encourage wild birds by providing fresh, clean water throughout the year into your garden using solar powered bird bath. It re-circulates water, thus keeps it cool and nice, even in hot summer months offering a soothing trickling sound.

Vintage Teacup: Having some vintage teacup, time to give our feathered friends a bird bath in style. If you place it in your backyard or garden with water, you can watch your birds sipping a hot drink from your cup, while your feathered friends enjoy their vintage teacup bird bath.