Creative DIY Bookend Ideas
August 24, 2016

Creative DIY Bookend Ideas

By admin

If you have a huge collection of books then you will certainly need a place where you can safely keep your collection. You might already own a set of shelves where you can store your books, however for some people that is not enough. You can also choose to use bookends, these are accessories that stand beside books and give them support. DIY book ends are just for holding books instead they can be used as decoration as well, especially when you make some yourself. Here you will some great DIY bookend ideas that can help you make the best bookends.

Fabric Bookend
This is perhaps the simplest book end that you can make. One thing to remember when making book ends is that they need to be heavy, so make sure you use the right things. A fabric bookend is essentially a piece of fabric that is filled with sand and then sewn from all the sides.

Rocks In Jars
If you like to keep things as simple as possible, then you can choose to take a clear jar and fill it up with rocks. This can be used as a bookend and will give a very unique look as well, you can also add more things to the jar like sand, sea shells and beads.

Rocks make really great bookends, it only depends on the way you use them. If you find some rocks then you can glue them carefully and paint them to create a fine piece of art. Such bookends look natural which is great.

These were some DIY bookend ideas that you should know. Without book ends you cannot keep your books upright which looks kind of messy. The best thing about bookends is they can be kept anywhere you want.