Category: Recycle & Reuse

August 24, 2016

Reuse Old Cars; Reveal Your Creativity Into Making Something Useful

Have an old car that you cannot drive around, is it lying around. What are your plans to dump it in some junkyard? Wait, here are some creative and cool ways to keep your cars and this can be done by transforming some parts and reusing the old cars parts into artistic furniture pieces. Sofas, beds or tables Use Car furniture as beds, sofas or […]

August 24, 2016

Reuse Old Luggage, They Look Great On Display

Do you have old luggage lying around accumulating dust? There is no need to throw them half-heartedly or hide them in the attic. There are ways to reuse the old luggage in home d├ęcor for decoration or storage. Mismatched luggage or vintage suitcases, anything looks great on display. The old suitcases or the boxy trunks in the attic are ideal for re-purpose as a drawer […]