Beautiful DIY Toilet Paper Holder
August 24, 2016

Beautiful DIY Toilet Paper Holder

By admin

Toilet paper is something that can be found in every household, however you cannot seem to find the right place for extra rolls. A toilet paper holder is a convenient solution for that, the best place to keep extra rolls is the bathroom. Here you will find few ways with which you can modify your existing toilet paper holder and make space for a few more rolls of toilet paper.

Fabric Toilet Paper Holder
This is a very convenient thing to make as it provides space for a few more toilet paper rolls to be stored. A fabric toilet paper holder are two pieces of fabric sown together in such a way that there is space for two more toilet paper rolls. The fabric is then joint with the main holder in the bathroom.

DIY Copper Pipe Holder
This type of holder looks really great in the bathroom, especially if you are fan of rustic color and theme. Making it is very easy as you only have bend a copper pine in such a way that there is room for a toilet paper roll. Copper is itself a pretty soft metal, therefore bending it won’t be a problem.

Twig Holder
If you like wood then a twig toilet paper holder might just be for you. As the name suggests a twig holder is just a piece of stick that you can mount on your wall and it will act as a toilet paper holder.

These were some ideas for DIY toilet paper holders, if you are into making such items then there are many more ideas that you can find on the internet. Making these holders is also a lot of fun and best of all it will not take a lot of time, and the final result will be satisfying.